Cream Chargers

Because life can sometimes be a bit flat – who doesn’t want some cream chargers to make their life a little bit more exciting? That’s what this blog is all about screamything is really the creamy thing the cream that rose to the surface before the froth go blown away. It might not all be ha ha hee hee – but we can still have fun can we not?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about check out this video of delectable delights…

and that is why Jules loves the hapless man – it’s coz he likes to talk dirty to her!

So now I have your attention you might want go shopping online for cream chargers … a good place to start would be here and even if you don’t buy anything the whipped cream blog certainly makes for some interesting reading! And because the world of molecular cooking is modern and evolving you’ll always find something new at that’ll keep you enthused and ready for action! DOn’t think that it is all about wipped cream – now, that’s right isn’t it Jamie? Yep it is F***kin’ Pukka!

So where to start? well – let us whip a salt cod espuma – or actually as we haven’t any salt- cod and it sounds gross anyway – instead, let use a bit of cod fish fingers – that should be about the same – and to make it more authentic and basically keep it real – why not use salt AND vinegar? That should keep it fresh and real!!!

Simply mash up the fish fingers and mix with a bit of cream and add he salt and vinegar – them squish the whole lot into the whipped cream dispenser and prime it with two cream charges to make it ready for action. You’ll need two cream chargers (unless you use the 16gm size) because the breadcrumbs from the fish-fingers can block the nozzle of the whipper and the dangerous pressure build up could lead to a dangerous Nitrous Oixde explosion with fish and cream all over you face! A scenario that really does not bare thinking about – so be warned.

To serve this fish-finger Cod espuma then simply point the cream whipper a cream cracker and pull the trigger – that’s all you need to do! Please enjoy and send us the pictures – especially if it all ends up with a cream charger fish explosion!!!

exploding fish

exploding fish

That is a very real picture of people on a picnic trying to create this recipe but using a dangerous and forbidden THIRD nitrous charger!